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An interest

Hello to you, reader.

You're probably here wondering what this place is and who I am, so I'll let you off the hook. My name is Cami, class of 1992 (putting this here so when this post will eventually age quite badly, my age is still unchanged!), Japanese translator, comic artist and Italian pest.

I've always had the feeling I could give other people my point of view on a type of media I've been a fan of since my early childhood, when my sister handed me a Card Captor Sakura manga at the age of seven and I was immediately transported somewhere else. 

That feeling, also known as escapism, was what dragged me through middle and high school, my mind fixed on wanting to learn Japanese-- which, in retrospective, I know sounds extremely naive. However, differently from a lot of kids who say they want to learn Japanese more as a phase, before finding their own, actual field of study, I did study the language and culture, getting a Master's degree in it back in the ye old times of 2017.

So, now I'm currently branching out into the translations bubble, even with personal projects and yet my mind still circles back to that itch I couldn't scratch as a teen: express my opinions on Japanese pop media.

The blog

Whether this will be a hobby or something I'll take more seriously in the future, a long journey begins with the first step, so here I am. 

What is mogu mogu (ใ‚‚ใใ‚‚ใ)? It's a Japanese onomatopoeia, meaning to "munch", much like a small critter or a hamster. But it  can also mean "mumbling", so I thought it'd be a cute mix of munching media and mumbling about it. ๐Ÿน

I enjoy feedbacks, but I also have a lot of paranoia related to the modern hellscape that is the internet, that's why I chose a private blog instead of a full on open review on websites like MAL or Anilist. Mostly because I know myself and my opinions.

Not to say I am a party pooper, but I am extremely critical of media and my access to the Japanese side of the conversation also helps me getting a more rounded experience, I believe. 

That said, I am by no means someone to be looked up to for his critiques, language skills or opinions in general. These reviews are for fun, for me and for you to read and enjoy! 

Just to let it out of the basket, I am a feminist, I am also a queer trans man and Italian. All of these personal experiences of mine shape my criticisms, mostly because criticism (in the neutral meaning of the term) is exactly that: the author's experiences are applied to their work and the critic takes off every single piece and, while analysing it, adds their own perspective to it.

In my reviews I'll also try to put in some interesting cultural tidbits related to Japan, providing Japanese examples of sentences (with romaji and kana+kanji), while also keeping my score on the X/100 system. 

Coming from an academic background, I'll always try to put sources for my quotes or statements, if there's a need to: ie, I won't link a source to something like "in Japan, high schoolers wear uniforms", but I will for something like "in Japan, high schoolers are still supposed to wear uniforms, but there have been great pushes to change the legislation to a more 'choice based' mix". Exactly like this, with hyperlinks! 

I hope you'll have fun. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. 10/10 perfect introduction, you should also add "I have a super hot girlfriend, so I'm not here because I'm an incel or a delusional Otaku"


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